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With rising obesity, more and more Americans are facing myriad health problems which can be easily prevented or even reversed if a sustainable weight loss regimen is followed. If you are looking for weight loss programs in Panama City, Fl. you get an added edge at Bay Clinic of Chiropractic in Panama City Fl. You get the firsthand experience in going through a program which is not just fitness and diet routine but one which takes the entire body into consideration. Sounds too good to be true?So let’s take a look at how it works.

A truly effective weight loss program is one which is done holistically. With weight loss treatment at Bay Clinic you will get just that. These are safe, drug free approaches to losing weight and tackling obesity by focusing on various health and wellness methods. The focus is not just weight loss but the overall healing of the body.

Weight loss treatment is a multifaceted approach which offers more than a temporary fitness routine. It includes nutritional guidance, lifestyle and behavior modification as well as regimented physical activity. Before they do this physicians do a complete evaluation of your current lifestyle, physical and nutritional needs, and the state of your system. This may differ from one individual to the other so there is no generalized treatment bit a systematic one on one approach which heals each person differently. Therefore for the doctors too every patient is a new earning experience making their expertise deeper and richer than other fields.


Weight loss treatment in Panama City, Fl. – How it works ?

The weight loss programs begins with a thorough examination of the body to determine how the system is functioning or if there are any underlying ailments that is slowing the body. With the results in hand, we can then determine what the treatment strategy should be. This differs from patient to patient which shows how personal and one-on-one the holistic approach is.

A key focus is spinal manipulation which takes the pressure off the spinal cord, improves flexibility and helps in easy absorption of essential nutrients.All of which greatly aid in weight loss.

Physical therapy and massage loosens the limbs and aids in weight loss. It reduces stress even mental stress thus providing a much needed emotional clarity which you need for following a strict weight loss regime. It also makes you feel good which leads to overall health and well-being.

Clinical nutrition then steps in here to formulate a focused diet which along with regular set of exercises will lead to steady but stable weight loss. Remember this is not a onetime treatment but a slow and steady one where your doctor will not abandon you but hand hold you through the entire process. Every step is monitored and every progress is encouraged and lauded motivating patients to put in extra efforts.

The most common diet followed by chiropractors is the Ideal Protein® Weight-loss Method which was founded in France by Dr. Tran TienChanh two decades ago. A good holistic healer applies his recommendations on this diet to suit individual patient needs.

In some cases, patients are also administered herbal supplements to aid in their diets. This is done after they have undergone a series of tests. If imbalances are found in the system in terms of nutrition or physical ability, chiropractors first take care of them. Before you subject your body to a new routine make sure there is no underlying condition that will hamper this effort. Body should be completely healed and functional to get the best out of these weight loss treatment programs.

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Written by: +Tony Salamay


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