Auto immune disorders

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Internal immunity is what makes our body fight for itself. A condition where the body is unable to do so and in turn the immune system attacks the body itself is called an autoimmune disorder. Healthy body tissues are mistakenly attacked and damaged leading to inflammation and chronic health problems. It is said that there are almost 80 different types of autoimmune disorders.

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According to the numerous studies conducted on the subject, autoimmune disorder is mostly an inherited

predisposition but it can also be triggered by serous viral or bacterial infections. Localized autoimmune disorders are those where a single tissue or organ is damaged while the systemic autoimmune diseases refer to autoimmune disorders that are more severe and lead to damage of multiple organs. At times they also lead to thrombosis or blood clots within the blood vessels. Autoimmune disorders lead to fever, fatigue, dizziness and weakness making it difficult for the patient to carry on with his/her normal routine.

Advanced treatment for auto immune disorders involves functional medicine which along with chiropractic care gets to the bottom of the cause and tries treating it. The focus is on relieving pain, realigning internal disorders and overall wellness.

Written by: +Tony Salamay


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