Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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If you are looking for chronic fatigue treatment in Panama City, Fl., you will find many treatment options to choose from – traditional as well as alternative. What you need to know is which one will work best for you. Perhaps what is needed a blend of both to help you cope with this debilitating disease which has no known causes, varied symptoms and linger on for an unnecessarily long time.

Most of the time patients are faced with dire diagnosis like chronic fatigue cannot be completely cured or there is

no accurate way to gauge how deeply the system has been affected or damaged. Most treatments are focused at symptom relief rather than going into the root of the matter. Treatment for chronic fatigue goes beyond these limitations. The first step is positive assertion. What makes this treatment stand apart is the assurance that patients can deal with this condition and get help in the form of functional medicine.


But before we proceedany further with chronic fatigue treatment, a brief look at the chronic fatigue syndrome:

It is complex health disorder which leads to extreme fatigue. It is further compounded by physical and mental activity and no amount of rest relieves the patient of this lingering and profound feeling of tiredness. Till date, no amount of research has satisfactorily proven what causes this condition though scientists have pointed to severe viral infections or undue mental stress as some of the causes. At times it is a combination of factors but in some cases it also occurs without any serious health disorders and without warning.

Fatigue is related to lot of things. Our physical activities, our personal lives and stress associated with it, pressure in the professional arena or simply a lingering effect from a recent illness. It is easy to mistake fatigue for ordinary tiredness and this is why chronic fatigue is often diagnosed very late. By the time we feel it’s impossible to carry out simple daily chores, the disease has overtaken us.


Chronic fatigue is often associated with:

  • Extreme weakness
  • Recurring muscle pain
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Acute headaches
  • Acute joint pains
  • Impaired memory
  • Insomnia
  • Occasional sore throat

These symptoms by themselves look harmless enough but if they have persisted for over 6 months then you need serious medical attention.

Treatment for chronic fatigue in Bay Clinic of Chiropractic, Panama City, Fl. – What it entails?

For treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Bay Clinic, Panama City Fl. has avantgarde therapeutic options for you. Instead of opting for sleeping aids and pain pills, you get treated with modern methods like functional medicine and clinical nutrition.

While underlying medical conditions cannot be immediately diagnosed, doctors do a series of latest lab tests to rule out other diseases with similar symptoms. After the tests are done, doctors study the results and discuss the condition with you to get to what may have caused this condition. The focus is to identify and treat thecause without which the headaches, insomnia or fatigue will not go away.

The focus of chronic fatigue treatmentis on the interactive history of the patient’s genetics, physiology and medical health as well as lifestyle components. It also includes advanced and extensive lab tests which look for chronic infections, do adrenal testing,do a thorough hormone assessment while looking over prior lab work. The goal is to restore proper neurological functions as well as the functions of the glands especially the adrenals. In-depth testing also looks for sub clinical anemia that may have gone undetected earlier.

Clinic protocols in treatment for chronic fatigue in Bay Clinic, Panama City, Fl. involves specific and tailored treatments for individual needs of each patient. These are a combination of specialized brain based therapies and focused clinical nutrition to restore proper function and healing.

Written by: +Tony Salamay


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