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Have you been feeling lightheaded and dizzy for some time now? Every time you get up or move do you feel the room spinning or feel as if you will lose your balance and fall? If you are and this has been going on for sometime then it is not a momentary dizziness but one which has deep rooted cause and needs serious medical attention. Dizziness is a problem that can hamper your normal life but it is not a disease. It is rather a symptom of a deeper health issue which needs to be figured out and treated. When you look for dizziness treatment,

keep in mind that you need more than just suppressing this symptom and need in-depth cure.

dizzinessDizziness is a blanket term to describe a lot of similar symptoms like lightheadedness, feeling faint, weakness, vertigo, imbalance and being unsteady on the feet, as well as nausea from motion sickness. None of these are life-threatening but if they occur again and again performing simple daily chores would become difficult and would point to a serious internal disorder. If you have been feeling dizzy more than 2-3 times in a matter of days then you should consult your doctor without wasting anymore time and get into therapy or treatment for dizziness.

Among the various kinds of treatment for dizziness in Panama City, Fl., you will get the option of holistic and functional treatment which includes functional neurology and functional medicine which combines with clinical nutrition to correct the imbalance in the system. Here you will get more than a prescription for treating nausea and sleeping pills. Here you will be taken through advanced lab tests to determine what could be causing the dizzy spells. Doctors also work with you closely to analyze your physical as well as psychological state to come a satisfactory picture.

There could be many reasons to feel dizzy. Dehydration, certain medications, serious illness, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, motion sickness, sudden movement or a problem in the ear. Before one begins the functional dizziness treatment the exact cause needs to be determined.

Dizziness is closely related to balance and equilibrium. Balanceis maintained by interaction between certain parts of our central nervous system like:

• The inner ear

• The eyes

• The spine and pressure receptors in joints

• Sensory receptors of joints and muscles

• The central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord),

When the central nervous system receives conflicting messages from the other parts mentioned above then a person feels dizzy. Functional neurology treatment deals essentially with the central nervous system and how it is handling all the signals in your system.

Dizziness treatment in Panama City, Fl.:

Treatment for dizziness starts with a detailed look into the patient’s neurological system. When the nervous system does not communicate with the brain properly it results in dizziness.

There are many factors that can affect the nervous system like a virus or bacterial infection. But it is more the dysfunction in the ears, eyes and joint receptors that cause dizziness. Ears are particularly important for relaying information about position and balance. The brain needs to get all these information and figure out anomalies to maintain equilibrium.

Once the cause is determined, dizziness treatment involvesneurological treatments using specific chiropractic adjustments along with nutritional therapy to bring back the balance of the nervous system and alleviate this disturbing condition.

Written by: +Tony Salamay


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