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The 2011 national CDC datasheet states that 8.3% or 25.8 million people in the US have diabetes. It is a staggering figure which is only going up every day. If you are suffering from diabetes, especially Diabetes Type 2 you must know two things – you are not alone and you can get effective and holistic type 2 diabetes treatment to deal with your condition better.

Diabetes is a chronic health condition characterized by abnormally high levels of sugar or glucose in the blood.To understand this condition better let’s step back and see the process of food intake and absorption.

  • Our body needs fuel
  • Glucose (form of sugar) is a key source of fuel
  • Pancreas makes insulin which transfers glucose to various body cells to be used as fuel.
  • When enough insulin or no insulin is made by the pancreas the glucose stays back in the bloodstream instead of going to the cells.
  • This condition is called Diabetes.
  • This condition is followed by increased thirst, hunger, fatigue and urination needs.

Presence of glucose in the blood for a longer period of time affects the rest of the organs negatively and leads to severe health complications.


The 3 major types of diabetes are

Diabetes Type 1 – Happens mostly in children and teens. Body makes no insulin or very little and patients’ needs daily dose of insulin injections. Considered an irreversible process.

Diabetes Type 2– More prevalent type.Happens mostly in adults though there are exceptions.Can be treated without insulin and with oral medication. Can be reversed with type 2 diabetes treatmentand effectively controlled with diet, exercise, medication and weight management.

Gestational diabetes – Presence of high blood sugar during pregnancy.Most of the time it goes away after childbirth. For people who have a genetic history it may recur after a while.

Diabetes Type 2accounts for almost 90% of diabetic cases. If you are looking for diabetes type 2 treatment in Panama City, Fl. then you will find more than the traditional options here at Bay Clinic. The two important components of the treatment are medicine and nutrition. What could be better than having an advanced for of both combined to help in overall functional improvement?

Type 2 diabetes treatment goes beyond prescribing a medication to generate insulin. It goes into the basics of why the body is malfunctioning, how clinical nutrition and functional medicine can check these malfunctioning, how doctors can assist patients to recover and lead healthier lives without too much of medication. The process is focused at being holistic and natural while incorporating the best of science at the same time.

A look at how this advanced diabetes type 2 treatment works –

The use of functional neurology in diabetes treatment is a fairly new phenomenon but one that has seen positive and widespread improvement in patients. The treatment focuses not just on insulin production but on what makes the blood sugar levels go up. Many diabetes patients suffer from chronic inflammation which causes imbalances in the system. Tests are conducted to determine the magnitude of the inflammation and its causes.

Type 2 diabetes treatment focuses on treating these causes of inflammation which leads to overall system improvement and restoring blood sugar levels to normal. Careful analysis is done to check their biochemistry in depth as well as their neurological output to the various organs especially the pancreas, adrenals and the liver. A combination of these methods along with clinical nutrition is used to treat diabetes effectively. At the same time, the treatment is customized and tailored to suit the individual needs of each patient.


Written by: +Tony Salamay


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