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You will get more than regular headache cures in Panama City, Fl at the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic. This does not involve just prescribing pain meds to suppress the pain but advanced chiropractic procedures and application of functional neurology to determine the root cause and curing it. Most of have headaches from time to time but if your headache has been persistent and recurring then you need to look for more than regular treatment.

Chronic daily headaches can be debilitating and extremely damaging for normal day to day functioning. These range from tension headache, sinus headache to migraines. They are painful and severely undermine quality living. Severe forms of headache are accompanied by nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light along with the pounding in your head. Pain relievers and anti-nausea drugs can only suppress these symptoms for some time, not cure it. This is where advanced headache treatment in.


Headache is characterized by pain in the head and upper neck. They are differentiated as primary and secondary headaches, cranial neuralgias and facial pain among others. Application of functional neurology in headache cures involves thorough diagnosis, aggressive initial treatment and thereby long-term pain management to reduce the occurrence of chronic daily headaches. The idea is to remove their debilitating interference and let the patient lead a functional and normal life. For specific and proper diagnosis a new classification system has come into being to initiate effective treatment.

Medical classification of headaches:

  • benign exertional headache
  • blind headache
  • bilious headache
  • cluster headache
  • drug-induced headache
  • coital headache
  • fibrositic headache
  • Horton headache
  • histaminic headache
  • ice pick headache
  • medication-overuse headache
  • idiopathic stabbing headache
  • migraine headache
  • muscle contraction headache
  • migraine without headache
  • nodular headache
  • posttraumatic headache
  • organic headache
  • reflex headache
  • spinal headache
  • sick headache
  • tension-type headache
  • symptomatic headache
  • tension headache
  • vacuum headache
  • thunderclap headache
  • vascular headache

You know it’s time to look into options for headache cures when you have headaches twice or thrice a week. When they are persistent and remain as irritant reminders that you can’t function in your regularchores. You will need more than the regular dosage of OTC pain pills to deal with pain which can be damaging for your kidneys. No amount of rest will help. Inspite of these, your headache may worsen or the pattern could change. Chronic headaches are often accompanied by a stiff neck, double vision, weakness, slurred speech and confusion.

The important thing to note is that headache is the result of an underlying condition which will go untreated if you only focus on the symptom of pain. Functional headache treatment is aimed at treating this underlying condition and curing it permanently.

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Written by: +Tony Salamay


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