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If you are suffering from Crohn’s Disease then you will know how damaging this state of health can be for normal day to day living and your state of mind. Acute discomfort and pain can be very debilitating and prevent a person from functioning well in professional and personal life. Living with it can only add to your woes and simply opting for traditional treatment methods is not going to help. If you are looking for treatment for Crohn’s Disease, Panama City Fl. offers some great therapeutic options in the chiropractic field.

First discovered and described by Dr. Burrill B. Crohn in 1932, Crohn’s disease is a chronic health condition which leads to inflammation of the gastrointestinalor digestive tract. It can affect multiple parts of the tract from the mouth, to the intestines and all the way to the anus. Usually, the most affected part is the lower part of the small intestine or the ileum. It often results in pain, abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

crohn's disease

Crohn’s disease belongs of the IBD family or the inflammatory bowel disease group and is often confused with similar conditions like IBS and ulcerative colitis making early diagnosis difficult. This is why treatment for Crohn’s Disease is done after a thorough examination of the system. Almost 2 million people in the US are affected by various forms of IBD and Crohn’s disease is one of the leading conditions. Other names for this disease are granulomatous enteritis or colitis, regional enteritis, ileitis, or terminal ileitis.

It causes ulcerationor breaks in the lining of the intestines, both small and large, negatively affects the immune system and makes the body react and attack food and good bacteria as foreign elements. Due to this attack white blood cells accumulate and line up the gut which in turn triggers inflammation. This leads to further ulcerations as well as bowel injury.

While you look for treatment options for Crohn’s Disease, Panama City Fl., check out your symptoms from the list below –

  • Do you have abdominal cramps and pain followed by rectal bleeding?
  • Do you have diarrhea?
  • Are you consistently losing weight and feel no appetite?
  • Do you have sudden fevers or night sweats?
  • Is your menstrual cycle irregular?
  • Do you feel tired all the time?
  • Are you getting ulcers around the mouth?

More serious symptoms include –

  • Acute belly pain
  • Acute fever with chills
  • Feeling very faint and dizzy
  • Extreme nausea

Such cases warrant urgent medical attention.

Causes for Crohn’s disease have not been identified effectively but most scientists point to genetic inclination, weak immune system, as well as environmentalinfluences. Some believe the antigens (foreignsubstances) are attacked or are themselves the cause. Others believe that the TNF or the anti-tumor necrosis factor, a protein that is produced by our immune system, may be the cause for this inflammation.

Patients are often told that there is no cure for Crohn’s disease. What they receive from most doctors is pain and ulcer medication that may stall the pain for some time only to recur with vengeance. Patients are administered drugs in initial stages. Chronic conditions are treated with surgery but neither method is completely foolproof.

Treatment for Crohn’s Disease takes into account all these parameters as well as limitations of traditional treatment to provide not just relief but explore possible cure. Along with the immune system of the patient, doctors also look closely into the digestive system and its functions. Lab tests focus on looking for pathogens that may cause the immune imbalance and also do a digestive stool panel.

Based on the results of the tests, the patients is introduced to advanced treatment option which is a blend of neurological treatment, functional chiropractic treatment along with designed clinical nutrition. Treatment for Crohn’s Disease is a holistic healing procedure, to enable you to function normally as soon as possible.

Written by: +Tony Salamay


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