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Holistic treatment for high cholesterol is somewhat unconventional. It is a blend of alternative therapy along with functional medicine and neurology. It is more than a band aid treatment and looks deep into causes and symptoms to try and reverse the condition. It involves changing your lifestyle habits, putting you on lifestyle therapy which will blend with a focused and thorough diet.

But before we proceed into any further details about cholesterol treatment in Panama City, Fl., let’s take a look at some cholesterol basics.

What is Cholesterol?


Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the lipids or fat which produced by the liver. It is found all over the body as it forms the outer layers for every cell. It is very important for normal body functions but excess cholesterol in the blood makes it stick to the artery walls and clog the heart and narrow the walls.

Blood flow becomes difficult and oxygen rich blood becomes less increasing the risk of heart attacks and heart diseases. Decrease in blood flow to the brain can also lead to stroke.

Derived from the Greek words chole which means bile and stereos which mean stiff, cholesterol can be inherited or developed through unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. But it can be treated and the condition reversed if diagnosed in time. One can also prevent high cholesterol by maintaining a balanced diet and working out regularly. The key focus of holistic treatment for high cholesterol is to prevent further damage by aiding in proper diet and functional changes.

They are carried through the blood through blood molecules called lipoproteins.

The various kinds of cholesterol are

  • LDL – Low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol transports cholesterol from the liver to cells. It is prone to harmful buildup and has high risk of making the arteries hard and narrow.
  • HDL – Good cholesterol or High-density lipoprotein prevents arterial disease as it collects excess cholesterol and returns it to the liver. Here is it is broken down and flushed out with the rest of the body waste.
  • Triglycerides – Triglycerides form plasma lipids blood fat with cholesterol. The calories which are not immediately used by the body are converted into triglycerides before being stored in fat cells. When the body needs energy these triglycerides acting as energy resource are released from fat cells. Most triglycerides are contained in the VLDL or Very Low-density lipoprotein which tends to increase LDL size, causing narrowing of the blood vessels.

Unfortunately there are no specific symptoms for high cholesterol. Most people carry one with their lives building up their cholesterol levels till it’s too late. The best way to keep it in check is to have blood tests from time to time and check your levels.

Treatment for High Cholesterol

The use of functional medicine in cholesterol treatment is focused at not just preventing the damage from spreading but in reversing the condition. Holistic treatment focuses on the complete picture – what could have caused it, what is the current state of the cholesterol and how you can prevent it.

The patient has to undergo a series of lab tests to determine the causes which could range from genetics to lifestyle habits. Along with natural medication, clinical nutrition also plays a big role. Diet and nutrition which is designed as per your body weight, BMI, cholesterol levels and other existing conditions works from within the system to correct the imbalances and aid in faster recovery.

Written by: +Tony Salamay


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