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Are you looking for holistic treatment for high blood pressure in Panama City, Fl.? Often called the silent killer, hypertension or high blood pressure can go untreated and undetected for a long time and cause undue damage to the system and its critical organs. More than 75 million Americans suffer from hypertension which shows how common a condition it is. Normal blood pressure levels should be lower than 120/80 mm Hg though it is often higher or varying in most people. There may be no noticeable symptoms but it should be closely

monitored to avert fatal heart conditions like stroke or heart attacks.

Before we look into various high blood pressure treatments ,let’s see what high blood pressure exactly means.

High blood pressure means that your blood is moving through your arteries with a higher than normal pressure. This pressure is basically the force of the blood or its flow, which pushes abnormally against the walls of the arteries. The higher the pressure inside your arteries, the higher your blood pressure numbers may be. It may not be completely cured but there are ways to control it and lead a healthy life.

high blood pressure

Conventional medicine involves prescribing drugs that will control this pressure from increasing. But the moment you stop the medication, hypertension returns. Among all the different kinds of high blood pressure treatments, the one that will help you most is a blend of functional medicine and clinical nutrition.

The most dangerous aspect about high blood pressure is the lack of symptoms. Due to this it can go undetected till the very last stage which my at times result in fatal reactions. Functional treatment for high blood pressure is focused at preventing this stage as much as it is in curing. Let’s see how.

Advanced treatment for high blood pressure

The difference between conventional and functional treatment lies in the focus. Conventional treats the symptoms while functional method treats the causes. To do this a metabolic assessment is done. This along with the patient’s medical history is assimilated to figure out when the high blood pressure started or was diagnosed. Advanced lab work for hypertension includes a look at the adrenal glands and kidneys in order to detect dysfunctions that lead to mineral and hormonal imbalance and in turn high blood pressure. Diabetes or pre-diabetes, chronic pain, or any kind of nervous system dysfunction may also lead to high blood pressure.

It is only after you go through thorough testing that functional treatmentcan start. This is not a generic drug that is prescribed for all who are suffering from hypertension but tailored therapy to suit individual conditions. Neurological adjustments are also made to ensure that the communication channel between the nerves in various part of the body is open and functional and the pressure in the arteries is balanced. Clinical nutrition takes individual BMI and lifestyles into account to offer a balanced diet for patients to follow.

Written by: +Tony Salamay


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