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More than 80% of adult Americans suffer from neck and back pain. 8 out of 10 complain about some form of back pain or the other that hampers daily life. They can be the result of an injury, poor posture, stress or symptoms of something deeper. If you are looking at treatment options for back pain in Panama City Fl then you are in luck because here, at Bay Clinic of Chiropractic, you get more than the traditional treatment, you get advanced therapy to cure the pain from within.

Back pain can be a sudden and sharp pain which shoots in or a dull and constant ache but if it’s not too severe it goes away on its own. But if it has lasted for 2-3 months then it’s high time to consult a physician. People either go in for OTC drugs or prescriptionspain pills. But either way it just suppresses the pain not cure it. The most common complaint is of low back pain that occurs in the lumbar spine. Neck pain complaints are equally common but most often they are the result of some other ailment than the neck itself.


But before you choose a therapy for your neck pain and back pain ask yourself if you suffer from these symptoms –

  • Muscle cramps and spasms,
  • Stiffness of gait
  • Weak feeling in the leg, pain and tingling sensation
  • Pain in your neck, shoulder or arms
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty in moving your neck
  • Slower limb reflexes and numbness
  • Weakening of leg muscles


If your answer to most of these is yes, then you need to consult an expert who will not just give you pain pills but take you through the whole process of healing with the help of advanced therapy options. Functional chiropractic treatment for neck and back pain is your solution. Here the entire nervous system is studied and analyzed so that it can be cured from spine central incase direct intervention does not work.

A look at probable causes before you opt for treatment for back pain

  • Mechanical pain or back strain
  • Compressive pain which is basically undue pressure or irritation on the spinal cord, or the nerves that travel from it

These can be degenerative or injury based.

Causes of Neck Pain

  • Injury leading to wear and tear of the intervertebral disc
  • Stress
  • Degeneration of the cervical spine due to injury or illness
  • Viral infections

Treating back pain in Panama City Fl.

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Written by: +Tony Salamay


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