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Uncover the Brain-Body Imbalance Causing the Condition

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If you’re looking for a solution to your problem that doesn’t just look at symptoms, but uncovers the entire brain-body imbalance that may be causing your condition then Bay Clinic of Chiropractic is the place for you.

Understanding brain hemisphericity, or right/left symmetry and how it relates to your cognition, attention, mood, balance, motor function, coordination and the brain-body regulation of your many body systems, is essential for success.

Special focus is placed on Neurology, Endocrinology and Immunology.

We also look at hormone balance, digestive function and chemical sensitivities as they relate to these disorders.

An individualized program, involving a multi-faceted approach using Functional Neurology applications, Hemispheric Integration Therapy, Orthomolecular nutritional therapy, and many other principles, will be designed.

The goal is to induce positive, functional changes in brain chemistry and symmetry without manipulating the brain’s physiology with psychotropic medications.These changes will allow the brain’s natural neurotransmitter functions to begin working more correctly and efficiently.

Below is a brief overview of all conditions we have helped our patients with…

We have seen many positive changes occur with the following conditions: