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If you are looking for treatment for Ulcerative Colitis in Panama City, Fl. then you havethe choice between traditional medication which will lower the symptoms temporarily, or you can opt for advanced and functional medicine which will go deeper and try to heal the abnormalities from within. Along with Crohn’s diseases, Ulcerative colitis forms the disease group called inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. Almost 2 million Americans suffer from this condition which can have lasting effects on your health if not treated properly and in time.

Ulcerative colitis refers to a chronic inflammation of the large intestine (colon) and can lead to long term inflammation in the digestive tract. Symptoms build up gradually and many people do not realize the severity of their condition until it becomes chronic. It affects the inner lining of the large intestine or colon and rectum and leads to great discomfort through conditions like diarrhea and rectal bleeding accompanied by abdominal pain. It is a debilitating condition which greatly affects the patient’s ability to carry on with day to day life. Most regular physicians will treat the symptoms but cannot provide any cure for ulcerative colitis. Functional medicine in advanced treatment for Ulcerative Colitis provides alternative therapies to not only reduce these painful symptoms but focus on overall wellness to bring about long term remissions.

There aren’t too many documented causes for ulcerative colitis which makes it difficult to treat this condition. But doctors specializing in ulcerative colitis treatment believe that abnormalities in the immune system are largely responsible for this condition and leads to ulcers as well as intestinal inflammation. In most cases a genetic predisposition may lead to ulcerative colitis but it also occurs due to poor lifestyle habits or in the aftermath of a serious illness, or as a result of autoimmune disorder.


Depending on the severity of the colon inflammation and the frequency of symptoms that occur, ulcerative colitis is divided into several categories. Check your symptoms in each of these categories before going in for ulcerative colitis treatment.

  • Ulcerative proctitis–Mildest form. Inflammation of the rectum. In milder cases intermittent bleeding occurs. In severe cases it is accompanied by rectal pain, diarrhea or tenesmus.
  • Proctosigmoiditis- Inflammation of the rectum and the sigmoid colon. Leads to rectal bleeding, urgency of defecation and tenesmus. Severe cases also seecramps and bloody diarrhea.
  • Left-sided colitis – Inflammation from the rectum all the way up to the left colon. Leads to bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps, abdominal pain on the left side, and severe weight loss.
  • Pancolitis or universal colitis – Inflammation of the entire colon. Leads to abdominal pain and cramps, bloody diarrhea, weight loss, fever, sweating at night and extreme fatigue.
  • Fulminant colitis – A rare but severe form. Leads to extreme dehydration, protracted diarrhea accompanied by bleeding, severe abdominal pain and even shock. Prone to risks like toxic megacolon and colon rupture (perforation). Can be life threatening.

If any of these symptoms occur and last for more than few days stop taking OTC pills and go in for thorough check up.

Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis in Panama City, Fl.

Advanced lab tests are conducted to determine the severity if the condition as well as to rule out other similar illnesses. Blood and stool tests along with colonoscopy are the primary tests.

Holistic ulcerative colitis treatment in Bay Clinic of Chiropractic,Panama City FL focuses on clinical nutrition which plans a corrective diet to detox and provide the right nutrient balance. Functional medicine steps in lower the intensity of the symptoms by rebalancing the immune system and restoring proper function. Lifestyle therapies are introduced to change the system and focus on overall wellness.

Written by: +Tony Salamay


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