Treatment for herniated disk

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The vertebrae contain soft disks filled with jelly-like substances which form a cushion between the bones of the spine. Apart from cushioning the bones they also secure them in place. When one of these small but very important disks slips out of place or ruptures they can cause major pain and movement issues. They can press and irritate the neighboring nerves, lead to numbness or weakness of the limbs, back pain or sciatica. Though chiropractors are more known as pain doctors, advanced chiropractic treatment for herniated diskdoes not just focus on the pain. Instead the treatment is all about fining the true cause of the pain, making spinal adjustments that can set or correct the communication of the entire nervous system.

The most symptoms of a herniated disk include:

  • Lower back pain that spreads to intense pain in your buttocks, thigh, leg and foot
  • Intense neck pain that spreads to the shoulders and upper arms and shoulders
  • Numbness and tingling sensations
  • Muscle spasms or weakness
  • Impairment of motion and movement

If the pain starts travelling down accompanied by serious weakness then the condition is getting severe and you need immediate medical attention else it may lead to other chronic health problems. To avoid such situations go in for herniated disk treatment the moment you feel any of the above symptoms affecting your daily routine.

As mentioned earlier, advanced chiropractic treatment for herniated disk in Panama City, Fl.focuses on going deep and uncovering the true cause of the herniated disk condition. In most cases it is difficult to determine the exact cause but it can be attributed to increasing age which leads to disk degeneration (wear and tear). It can also be due to injuries, impact or continuous poor posture and lifestyle habits.

Treatment for herniated disk

herniated disc


Traditionally the treatment for herniated disk involves anti-inflammatory medicines, pain pills, physical therapy and rest; and in severe cases, surgery. Advanced chiropractic care begins with thorough physical and neurological examinations, X-rays, MRIs and CT scans to check for abnormal reflexes, abnormal sensations in the limbs for signs of inflammation or infection. An electromyogram (EMG) is performed to pinpoint the exact nerves being irritated by a disc herniation.

After these tests are done, doctors do a thorough analysis of the problem and then diagnose the exact condition. Based on these diagnosis the patient is administered a natural therapy which includes chiropractic or spinal adjustments. The application of functional neurology is done to soothe the irritated nerves and realign the functions of the spine and nervous system. Functional medicine is used to provide relief for the pain, the irritation and the weakness of the nerves and their impacted zones in the rest of the body. With the help of clinical nutrition the patient is guided into a diet that will provide all the necessary nutrients, help them lose weight and get back their lost strength and energy. All these various forms of treatment combine to create the overall wellness factor and natural herniated disk treatment.

Written by: +Tony Salamay  DC


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